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Welcome to Lupo Academy. We offer dog training classes and 121’s.
Get ready to experience practical, positive, relationship focused learning that provides lasting results!

My name is Tracey, I share my home with Milo my Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Cici my Dobermann.
I have 7 years’ experience in training dogs, and as the dog training industry is unregulated, my own personal development is something I take seriously. I have a diploma in canine coaching, have completed the Think Dog courses run by Sarah Whitehead, advanced dog trainer via the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), the FFTT (Force Free Trick Trainer). I have also attended many courses held by Victoria Stilwell, Chirag Patel, David Ryan and the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers). Additionally, I am an accredited Mantrailing Instructor and a member of the PPG.
The science behind dog training is always changing and evolving, and it is important to me to keep up to date with the latest training research. Through this I can ensure I give you, and your dogs,
the best training advice and experience possible.

Please take a look through my site and feel free to contact me should you have any queries.


Due to the current and ongoing situation, in the interest of public safety,
for the time being our courses will be available online only
(we will be training in a group environment, in the comfort of your own home, using Zoom)

BASINGSTOKE: Oakridge Hall for All
(our normal venue once the COVID-19 situation has been concluded)

Tuesday 12th May (Puppy and Beginners) - ONLINE

Sunday 16th May(Puppy and Beginners) - ONLINE

HOOPERS - SPENCERS WOOD (Nr. Reading): Brook Farm

ON HOLD - will resume once the COVID-19 situation has been concluded

MANTRAILING - HEADLEY: The Darling Buds of May

Saturday 4th July & Saturday 28th November

My Team


I share my home with Milo my Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Cici my Dobermann


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As much as we all love a cute puppy, living with them can be a nightmare at times. We can help you and your puppy turn home life into a fun, yet calm, environment



Training should be fun, if you are not enjoying it then neither is your dog


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We don't judge your dog’s breed, Lupo Academy is open to all dogs of all ages

Lupo Academy Classes

Lupo Puppy Dog Training

For new puppy owners it is an exciting time, but it can also be a confusing one, not knowing what the right thing to do is. Taking away the uncertainty makes a huge difference to you, your family and of course your new puppy

These courses are run in your own home and are perfect for puppies that have not yet had their vaccinations, so are unable to go outside. We go over how managing your puppy at this early stage prevents problems as they grow. We cover toilet training, mouthing, chewing, crate training and many other subjects that may worry you and your puppy.

Pupstar Program (up to 20 weeks old) - One 2 One Puppy pre class training is available Monday-Friday (10.30am-2pm) & Saturday (11-5pm) in Basingstoke and surrounding areas for £75 - three sessions at home lasting approximately an hour each or single sessions at £30 each - if you live outside of the Basingstoke area, please contact us for details and pricing

COVID-19: These sessions can be carried out online via Zoom at £65 for three sessions or £30 for a single session


We offer non-traditional dog training. Our expertise in canine behaviour and overall understanding of dogs allows us to educate you as the dog owner, creating a better relationship between human and dog. Learning how to communicate with your dog properly is key to successful dog training and we are here to help you through the process. Puppy classes are a starting point for pups on their way to becoming well-mannered and well-adjusted members of the family

All our puppy classes are suitable for puppies up to 20 weeks. They must have at least had their first vaccination

We will cover the following: How to redirect your puppy when biting, appropriate play, how to prevent resource guarding, polite greetings, 4 paws on the floor, lead walking and recall plus lots of other fun and engaging games to help keep your pup focussed on you in the big wide world.

Puppy classes run for 6 weeks and the course costs £75 

COVID-19: These classes run for 6 weeks and are carried out online via Zoom at £65

Lupo Puppy Dog Training

Are you looking to have more control over your dog in the home and out in the park? If so then group classes could be the answer. Group classes allow you to learn and practice skills around controlled distractions and encourage you to be consistent about training during the course period. In addition to teaching your dog skills useful for living in your busy world, this course will help you learn how to efficiently and effectively increase desirable behaviours and decrease undesirable behaviours in the classroom, at home, and out in the real world. Learn how to teach all of the basic commands and life skills, and how to apply them in your day-to-day life with your dog, as well as any specific behavioural problems your dog is experiencing (excessive jumping & barking, inappropriate chewing, pulling on lead, etc.)

We offer a structured, fun 6-week course where you and your dog will learn how to work together as a team, you will learn how through positive and fun training you can communicate with your dog. Each dog learns differently and has individual needs. Our creative training methods allow us to progress with every dog at their own speed and capabilities. We will even throw in a few tricks. Every dog should have a few tricks up his or her sleeve! 

Adult classes run for 6 weeks each and the course costs £75 

COVID-19: These classes run for 6 weeks and are carried out online via Zoom at £65


Not all dogs are suitable for group classes, they may be fearful or nervous of people and/or other dogs or you may be experiencing a problem that cannot be resolved in a group setting. In this case I can come to your home and help

The benefit of a professional lesson at home is that you learn very quickly what is right for you and your dog, where the issues occur for you; and the whole family can be involved.

1-2-1 Dog training is available in Basingstoke and surrounding areas. Sessions are at your home lasting approximately an hour and a half, more than one session may be needed depending on the problem you are experiencing. 

Standard 1-2-1 sessions are £50 each or you can book three at the discounted rate of £130 (saving £20)

COVID-19: These sessions can be carried out online via Zoom at £110 for three sessions or £40 for a single session

1-2-1 Dog training is also available for behaviour related issues: Is your dog struggling around other dogs on walks? Guarding food or toys or struggling when being left alone? If so then give me a call and we can arrange a date to meet and start a plan to help resolve these issues.

Behavioural 1-2-1 sessions are £60 each or you can book three at the discounted rate of £160 (saving £20)

COVID-19: Please contact me for more details

If you live outside of the Basingstoke area, please contact us for details and pricing

Lupo Puppy Dog Training

Hoopers is a dog agility game for dogs over 20 weeks old, it's based on agility but instead of going over jumps the dog runs through specially designed hoops, runs through tunnels and wraps around barrels

Hoopers is a fun way to exercise your dog, low impact and is ideal for all dogs from young to old, it is also great for retired agility dogs

Foundation and Follow-On courses available

Hoopers runs for 8 weeks and costs £100 for the course

COVID-19: Currently suspended


Mantrailing is training pet dogs to find people, we train the dog to search for the persons individual scent and then go and find them without being distracted by the environment

Dogs love mantrailing because it’s fun, they get the opportunity to work using their nose as well as their brain. Owners love it because they get to work with their dog as part of a team as both dog and owner learn to support each other

All dogs are worked individually; they are in a harness with a long line attached. This means that any dog of any age, breed and level of training can enjoy this sport. Also, because dogs are worked one at a time it is a great opportunity for dog reactive dogs to take part and have some fun

Mantrailing is a rewarding and exciting sport that you can enjoy with your dog. Your bond with your dog will increase as you both learn to trail together

Introductory workshops, private courses, group courses and individual 121’s

COVID-19: Currently suspended



Absolutely brilliant trainer. Would highly recommend. My dog loves Tracey and her training techniques are brilliant. Really enjoying our training classes and the 1-2-1 sessions are invaluable. Thank you, Tracey.

I can't recommend Tracey and her team enough! We look forward to going every week, it's so much fun. Everyone is friendly and helpful. We have learnt so much in training, the most valuable lesson was recalling a [whippet] puppy and how to make it fun for them. We've done the puppy classes and currently doing the adult beginner and looking forward to doing some more.

Tracey is so friendly and kind. didn't think we'd be able to change things with our lab, but she has given us the ammunition to make things right and give our pup the best chance of life. Thank you!!

121 with Galahad... we have lots to learn but Galahad wanted to do anything Tracey asked and was rewarded for getting it right, there was lots of jumping and drool, Tracey had Galahads usual dribble baths and him being his usual hooligan self, but he soon got the gist of what was wanted from him and I now know what I need to do to get what I want from my lovable oaf! It was great to learn for myself and Galahad.  Thank you!!!!

When it came to puppy training, we’d already watched videos, read pieces and listened to friends but having the support of Tracey to train Sherlock has been absolutely invaluable! She’s just brilliant with both the dog and owners, patiently helping you to help your dog. We’re so glad we found Lupo Academy; the difference Tracey has made has been instant.

Brilliant kind reward-based training advice on how to help our rescue Staffie not be scared/anxious/ nervous around strange dogs out and about. Would highly recommend and my boy enjoyed the 121 as much as we did. Thank you, I’m sure we’ll be seeing results a lot sooner now we know what to do.

Tracey is absolutely brilliant done classes with her and doing one to one’s with her with my Rottie. She has got such a kind calming way about her to make you and your dog work well together and to get the best out of your dog you can. Would highly recommend Tracey and her classes.

A home visit - all my questions were answered, friendly and helpful advice, and a dream visit all round! I received advice for my yappy pups and how to train them to walk better on a leash, better greeting with people, and obedience training. All in the space of an hour and a half! Would recommend, absolutely amazing help and instant results!


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