Lupo Academy

 Lupo Academy aim to empower owners to develop happy and healthy relationships
with their dogs that last a lifetime. We specialise in interactive, practical training
the Hampshire area, using positive reinforcement to help owners enhance
 their relationships while taking into account the unique lifestyles,
personalities and life-stages of both owner and dog. Our aim
is to create a fun and loving atmosphere and a relationship
of respect, trust and understanding in order to
establish that strong bond.


BASINGSTOKE: Oakridge Hall for All

Tuesday 5th March 2019 (Puppy & Beginners)
Sunday 10th March 2019 (Puppy & Beginners)

HOOPERS - SPENCERS WOOD(Nr. Reading): Brook Farm

Friday 8th March 2019 7PM (Foundation)
Friday 8th March 2019 8PM (Novice)

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Who are Lupo Academy

Welcome to Lupo Academy. We offer dog training classes, 121’s and canine massage.
Get ready to experience practical, positive, relationship focused learning that provides lasting results!

My name is Tracey, I share my home with Milo my Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Roxi my Dobermann. 
I have 7 years’ experience in training dogs and have completed the Think Dog course run by Sarah Whitehead. I also have a diploma in canine coaching and have attended many seminars and courses held by Victoria Stilwell, Chirag Patel, David Ryan and the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)
My own personal development is ongoing and something I take seriously. The science behind dog training is always changing and evolving, and it is important to me to keep up to date with the latest training innovations. Through this I can ensure I give you, and your dogs,
the best training advice and experience possible.

Please take a look through my site and feel free to contact me should you have any queries. 

Lupo Puppy Dog Training

My Team

I share my home with Milo my Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Roxi my Dobermann


As much as we all love a cute puppy, living with them can be a nightmare at times. We can help you and your puppy turn home life in to a fun, yet calm, environment

Doggy Fun

Training should be fun, if you are not enjoying it then neither is your dog


We dont judge your dog’s breed, Lupo Academy is open to all dogs of all ages

Lupo Academy Classes

Lupo Puppy Dog Training

Pupstar Program

For new puppy owners it is an exciting time but it can also be a confusing time, not knowing what the right thing to do is. Taking away the uncertainty makes a huge difference to puppy owners and their families and of course their new puppy.

These courses are run in your own home and are perfect for puppies that have not yet had their vaccinations, so are unable to go outside. We go over how managing your puppy at this early stage prevents problems as they grow. We cover toilet training, mouthing, chewing, crate training and many other subjects that can worry the new puppy and owner.

Lupo Puppy Dog Training

Puppy Classes

We educate owners and their families on how to care for and raise their pup. Correct handling and conditioning during this early period is vital because it sets a solid foundation for the way you want your dog to behave, now and in the future. Puppy classes are a starting point for pups on their way to becoming well-mannered and well-adjusted members of the family.

All our puppy classes are suitable for puppies up to 20 weeks. They must have at least had their first vaccination. 

We will cover the following:​ Housetraining, nipping, teaching  your puppy to settle down quietly, how to gain your pups attention and keep it, sit, down and  stand, recall, hand targeting, socialisation, walking nicely on lead and  fundamentals of self control.

One 2 One sessions are also available.

Lupo Puppy Dog Training

Group Classes

Are you looking to have more control over your dog in the home and out in the park? If so then group classes could be the answer. Group classes allow you to learn and practice skills around controlled distractions and encourage you to be consistent about training during the course period. In addition to teaching your dog skills useful for living in your busy world, this course will help you learn how to efficiently and effectively increase desirable behaviours and decrease undesirable behaviours in the classroom, at home, and out in the real world.  Learn how to teach all of the basic commands and life skills, and how to apply them in your day-to-day life with your dog, as well as any specific behavioural problems your dog is experiencing (excessive jumping & barking, inappropriate chewing, pulling on lead, etc.)

We offer a structured, fun 6 week course where you and your dog will learn how to work together as a team, you will learn how through positive and fun training you can bond with your dog. We will even throw in a few tricks. Every dog should have a few tricks up his or her sleeve! 

Lupo Puppy Dog Training

One to One Training

Not all dogs are suitable for group classes, they may be fearful or nervous of people and/or other dogs or you may be experiencing a problem that cannot be resolved in a group setting. In this case I can come to your home and help.

The benefit of a professional lesson at home is that you learn very quickly what is right for you and your dog, where the issues occur for you; and the whole family can be involved. Contact us for more details.

Basingstoke Classes - Every Tuesday & Sunday

Our classes run every Tuesday & Sunday evening at Oakridge Hall for All in Basingstoke:

Tuesday Classes
Puppy class starts at 7.00pm (up to 20 weeks old)
Adult beginners class starts at 8.00pm 

Sunday Classes
Puppy class starts at 6.00pm (up to 20 weeks old)
Adult beginners class starts at 7.00pm

Hoopers Classes - Every Friday 

Our Hoopers classes run every Friday evening at Brook Farm, Spencers Wood:

Friday Hoopers  Classes
Foundation class at 7.00-7.45pm 
Novice class at 8.00-8.45pm

Full details for Hoopers can be found on our Facebook page.

One 2 One - Dog Training

One 2 One Dog training is also available for £50 - one session at home lasting approximately an hour

One 2 One - Pupstar Program

Pupstar Program - One 2 One Puppy (up to 20 weeks old) pre class training also available for £70 - three sessions at home lasting approximately an hour each or single sessions for £30


  • Running every Tuesday
    and Sunday - Basingstoke

  • 6 week course

  • Classes last 45 minutes

  • Certificate on completion

Adult Beginner

  • Running every Tuesday
    and Sunday - Basingstoke

  • 6 week course

  • Classes last 45 minutes

  • Certificate on completion


  • Running every
    Friday - Spencers Wood 
    Foundation & Novice classes

  • 8 week course

  • Classes last 45 minutes

  • Certificate on completion


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1-2-1 Booking

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What people are saying about Lupo Academy

Really friendly class! Our puppy Harley absolutely loves coming and it's done wonders for his confidence. Tracey is a fantastic teacher and coming to classes has taught us so much about how to interact with our dog. Highly recommended!

Just completed a 6-week beginners dog training class with Tracey and can't praise her highly enough. She makes dogs and owners instantly feel at ease with her flexible kind approach but also gives practical guidance that you can apply when you're at home. Better than the other experiences of dog training I've had as she helps tailor learning to your own dogs needs rather than having a long list of unachievable rules. I would recommend Tracey to anyone wanting a little help in getting the most out their relationship with their dog. Looking forward to signing up for our next class!

Would just like to say a very BIG Thank You to Tracey what a lovely person you are. Always there to answer questions and our puppy loved you! If anyone is thinking about trying out Lupo Academy stop thinking and just get on in there and book! She's such a lovely person and great with everyone adults kids and of course the puppy! Would highly recommend. Thank you so much for everything.

I would highly recommend Tracey and Lupo Academy for puppy classes. I was a bit apprehensive beforehand as I wasn't sure how much we'd learn and wasn't sure if I could justify the cost, however I'm so pleased I signed Frank up. He loved every minute and learnt loads!! I also learnt a huge amount and have some great tools to work on with Frank. Thanks so much Tracey and I hope to see you again for more training.

Have been to a few different dog training classes with our other dogs and Lupo Academy is by far the best one. Very relaxed and friendly with good advice and help given. Olive gives it 2 paws up!

Lexi enjoyed her puppy classes, lots of fun and great training. Lovely seeing all the puppies every week doing so well and Mable, who was soo nervous, now running around with the other puppies.

I started training 4 weeks ago, and have loved every minute of it. My dogs (2 Dobermanns) learnt so much today that using their brains wore them out better than any walk has done. Tracey the instructor, is so enthusiastic about dogs and their learning with positive reinforcement, that it rubs off on me and gives me the confidence to try new things. She is very patient, the classes are very personal and she makes sure we get the individual attention that would be impossible to have in a larger class. My dogs have enjoyed training, as it is such fun , they get to use their brains, & because copious treats come their way. I have been given multiple ways in which to encourage the behaviour that I want, & to lose the unwanted behaviour, which work well in real life situations away from class. It's like having a tool chest full of tools that have a myriad of uses. Tracey also made sure that anything I was having trouble with at home (ie; getting through doors in an orderly fashion instead of a" free for all"), she addressed , therefore making lessons very relevant. I would happily recommend lupo academy to anyone who wants their dog to start listening to them, it developes an even tighter bond with your dog, and i love the way that since starting training my two look up at me for instruction, their attention is more focused. Thank you Tracey, I will miss training when it is over. 

Indie loves her training classes with tracey ♡ Shes turning into a confident happy puppy.

We've learnt so much from Tracey and had such a good time doing it! Dizzy loves puppy classes! ...roll on beginners next :-). Thanks Tracey

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How to Find Us

Contact Details

T: 07825 548600

Basingstoke Venue:

Oakridge Hall for All
Forsythia Walk
RG21 5RG 

Spencers Wood HOOPERS Venue:

Brook Farm,
Beech Hill Road,
Spencers Wood